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Triethyl Orthoformate, 99% HC(OC2H5)3 Manufacturers

Alias: Triethoxymethane
UN No.: 2524
CAS No.: 122-51-0
Molecular Formula: HC(OC2H5)3
Molecular weight: 148.20
Properties: colorless transparent liquid, sweet taste, melting point< -18oC, boiling point 146oC, relative density 0.891(20oC),refractive index 1.392(20oC), flash point 30oC,convoluted with alcohol and ether, slightly soluble and decomposable in water.
Quality Index: standard of domestic enterprise:

Item name Index
appearance colorless & transparent liquid
content %:≥ 99.0
Ethyl Formate%:≤ 0.2
Water%:≤ 0.05
Ethanol %:≤ 0.3
Chroma(APHA):≤ 20
Product Package: plastic drum or galvanized iron drum, net weight 180kgs per drum or according to the requirements of the customers.
Product Storage: carriage of dangerous goods, Guard Against Fire.
Package Class: Ⅲ.
Functions: To be used not only as intermediate of medicine and pesticide: pipemidic acid, EMME, Amitraz and so on, but also as intermediate of ntimalarial chloroquine and cyanine dye, photographic sensitivity agent, acrylic fibers, etc.
  • Intermediate for Pharmaceuticals
  • Pesticides
  • Fragrance (Citric acid)