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Trimethyl Orthoformate

Alias: Trimethoxymethane
CAS No.:149-73-5 Molecular Formula:C4H10O3
Molecular weight:106.12
Properties: colorless transparent liquid, with odor of ester. Boiling point 103 -105 oC, Relative Density 0.9676(20/4 oC), Refractive index 1.3773 (2.5 oC), Flash point 15 oC, soluble in ethanol and ether and decomposable in water.
Quality Index: standard of domestic enterprise:

Item Index
appearance colorless & transparent liquid
content %:≥ 99.0
Methyl Formate%:≤ 0.30
Methanol %:≤ 0.2
Triazine%:≤ 0.02

Product Package: plastic drum or galvanized iron drum, net weight 200kgs per drum.
Product Storage: carriage of dangerous goods, Guard Against Fire. Package Class:Ⅱ.
Functions: Organic synthetic intermediate. It can produce vitamin B1, bactericide and sulfanilamide agent, or used as dehydrant of PU and epoxy resin, it also can be used in the synthesis of flavor.

  • Azoxystrobin
  • Intermediate for pharmaceuticals